Our lab is focused on the interfacial design of self-assembling colloids and nanostructures for a variety of medical applications. There are two major sides to the lab. On one side, we make functional particles (microbubbles and nanodroplets) that can both be imaged under clinical ultrasound, bind to specific receptors, and deliver therapeutic agents to areas of interest in the body. Examples include delivery of therapeutic gases to treat traumatic brain injury and detection of cancer and other biomarkers. We are interested in exploring different ultrasound-controlled colloidal delivery mechanisms through the blood brain barrier to treat different forms and levels of brain injury. On the other side, we design and express recombinant proteins to assemble into micelles and vesicles for use as antimicrobial therapeutics. For instance, we have demonstrated the inactivation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus using such recombinant nanostructures. We are interested in  generating libraries of multifunctional proteins to fight a variety of microbes and microbial toxins.