Cyber technologies are prevalent in modern society and include communication networks, handheld computers, cloud computing environments and embedded computing technologies such as integrated into all modern automobiles, airplanes and military systems. Many of these systems are not secure by any reasonable definition of security. When compromised, the loss of these systems cause dramatic loss of data and capabilities, resulting in exposure of private information, financial loss, loss of services and even death.

The NJIT Cybersecurity Research Center seeks to address ongoing and long-term future needs to research new methods for understanding how these systems can be compromised and fail, how to design cyber systems so they are secure, and how to improve or fix the cyber infrastructure that has already been deployed. Current areas of investigation to address these challenges include developing and applying new approaches to practical encryption, securing cloud computing services, privacy technologies, improved software engineering techniques, better data encoding and communication protocols, human factors research and so on. Due to the severity of cybersecurity R&D needs, we are constantly recruiting collaborators, new students and other researchers to join our team. Please reach out to current members of the NJIT Cybersecurity Research Center if you'd like to learn how you can work with us.

The NJIT Cybersecurity Research Center serves as the focal point for NJIT's research and educational activities in cybersecurity. Additional institutional cybersecurity resources and awareness are available on the NJIT IST website.


The Cybersecurity Research Center is part of the Institute for Data Science.