Strategic Goals and Objectives: The mission of the NJIT Center for Translational Research (CTR) is to advance NJIT as a regional and national leader in research and innovation translation in areas ranging from healthcare, to energy sustainability, to digital privacy. The CTR plans to accelerate technology innovation and the translation of academic research and discoveries into tangible commercial solutions through new market validation, entrepreneurship and commercialization initiatives, the enhancement of NJIT’s high-tech research and development facilities, and strategic partnerships.

The center will serve as a hub to promote and facilitate translational research through workshops, training and networking opportunities that help students, faculty and other stakeholders develop innovation partnerships for technology validation and commercialization that focus on the following objectives, among others:

(i) Building institutional capacity and infrastructure for successful translational research and innovation activities; 

(ii) Creating opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to learn roadmaps for technology research and innovation translation through workshops, internships and mentoring programs towards addressing market and societal needs;

(iii) Funding and supporting translational research seed projects and developing innovation partnerships and commercialization pathways to further enhance NJIT’s Research, Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (RITE) ecosystem for tangible societal and economic impact.